For your gluttonous delight, Move Your Ass made a delightful Thanksgiving holiday appearance.

Enjoy the spoils.


Oh dear. It’s August already and the students are creeping slowly back into town. Before we know it the trees will turn orange and we won’t be able to cross streets safely. For the time being, let’s enjoy what’s left of summer by moving our asses as much as possible before the sports department returns.

BONUS: Two dates in September included!

August 1. Host: Joe
August 2. Host: David
August 6. Host: Rev Andrew
August 7. Host: Lillian
August 8. Host: Paul
August 9. Host: David
August 13. Host: Brandok
August 14. Host: Michael
August 15. Host: Saramin
August 16. Host: Marvin
August 20. Host: Rev Andrew
August 21. Host: Kristin
August 22. Host: Paul
August 23. Host: Rob
August 27. Host: Mars
August 28. Host: Kristin & Gina
August 29. Host: Frank
August 30. Host: Arwulf
September 3. Host: Rev Andrew
September 5. Host: Non-James

July is Ann Arbor’s favorite month. Everyone adores the massive influx of artiste-types that occurs during the hottest week of the year. After looking at all that Art Fair art, you might need to Move Your Ass.

July 2. Host: Mars
July 3. Host: Michael
July 4. Host: Heidi
July 5. Host: K MF R
July 9
. Host: Rev Andrew
July 10. Host: Kristin
July 11. Host: Paul
July 12. Host: Ben
July 16
. Host: Rev. Andrew
July 17
. Host: Lillian
July 18. Host: Paul
July 19. Host: David
July 23. Host: Mars
July 24. Host: Kristin
July 25. Host: Saramin
July 26. Host: David
July 30. Host: Cameron
July 31. Host: Eleanor

Aaaaaah, June. Ann Arbor Summerfest returns and many a cool summer evening is spent drinking beer by the Burton Tower and seeing WCBN’s 33 1/3 book readings at Arbor Brewing Company.

June 4. Host: Michael
June 5. Host: Lillian
June 6. Host: Heidi
June 7. Host: Michael
June 12. Host: Kristin
June 13. Host: Greg B
June 14. Host: KMFR
June 18. Host: Brandok
June 19. Host: Lillian
June 20. Host: Joe
June 21. Host: Mary
June 25. Host: Mars
June 26. Host: Michael
June 27. Host: The Liz
June 28. Host: David

The month of May. A lovely time in which the students have just departed and we are all euphoric for the increased elbow room and the promise of hot weather.

May 8. Host: Kristin
May 9. Host: The Liz
May 10. Host: Lillian
May 14. Host: Brandok
May 15. Host: Eleanor
May 16. Host: Paul
May 17. Host: KMFR
May 21. Host: Mars
May 22. Host: Kristin
May 23. Host: Joe
May 24. Host: Rob
May 28. Host: Rev. Andrew
May 29. Host: Michael
May 30. Host: The Liz
May 31. Host: Michael

Look, your ass. Move it!!

Look, your ass. Move it!!

YOU ARE A FATASS. Let WCBN help you.

As a service to our community, we have archived both summers’ worth of Move Your Ass shows from 2011 and 2012. The first two weeks of May 2012 are now uploaded and there are many more to follow. If you missed out, don’t despair! You can get caught up with WCBN’s cutting edge exercise program!

Your Ass